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Are you ready transition your life from chaos and confusion into one of clarity and calm?


Together we will untangle and organize what is overwhelming you or holding you back from achieving your goals.

The coaching experience will enable you to:

Clearly see all the parts;

Prioritize what is important to you;

Develop an achievable action plan that maps out your specific path; and

Move forward to success!

I work in partnership with individuals who are ready to make a change, take back their life and live fully, without limitations.  If you are feeling dissatisfied or unhappy with all of life’s demands and can’t figure out how to move from the chaos and stress of it all into a life of balance and calm, let's work together.

Deciding that it’s time for a change or going through transition can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We will work side by side to make the process exciting and energizing.

Together we make sense of what is happening for you right now and get clarity on where you want to go. We explore what is holding you back from making these changes (fear, self-doubt, apathy...) and then we develop short and long-term goals to facilitate the forward movement out of chaos into clarity where calm, balance and joy are part of your everyday life.

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Reflections on working with Margaret

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I was at a crossroads in my life, stuck and honestly quite scared. I had just had a baby and was having to make some hard decisions regarding my professional career. Margaret coached me through the process and helped me get in touch with myself to create an action plan. She held a space of non-judgment that helped me honor my values! She continues to be my cheerleader and I couldn't thank Margaret enough for the clarity and sense of peace and purpose she has brought into my life.

- Dipti (HR Consultant & Leadership Coach)

Margaret is one of the most sincere and approachable people I've met; she is warm in her nature and comfortably intelligent in her thoughts and demeanor.  What I found working with her as my Life Coach is that she has the ease and ability to bring forth the knowledge to the answers I came to her seeking. She pointed out very clearly and sweetly, they happened to be in my lap the whole time!

Margaret helped remind me how easy My Life could be with the tools she provided, how "unstuck" I [really] am per just a little tweaking on my version of clarity...and that just a little dusting off of my confidence has placed me in a state of recognizing my possibilities and what a beautiful life I am creating.

- Nicole Skuce-Johnson

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Margaret has a gift for asking questions that lead to exploration and discovery.  She reframes ‘failures’ as ‘learning points’, while always making moving forward a priority.  She listened and encouraged me to self-motivate in a way that met my needs.  Her style is relaxed and focused on where her client wants to go in their life journey.

- V.Lewis (retired)


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