I offer a free 30 minute coaching session for all potential clients so you can experience the power of coaching first hand and learn about the coaching process.  At the end of the call if coaching feels like what you have been looking for to move forward and there is a connection between us, we can schedule your next session.

My one on one coaching is conducted over the phone or via computer.

I am a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index ™ (ELI) Assessment and I present workshops on a variety of topics.

Where's Your Energy??

Each one of us views our life and the world around us through the filters that we have developed based on our experiences, personal values, beliefs and the assumptions we make.  These filters impact how we view every aspect of our life.   The Energy Leadership Index ™ (ELI) assessment is an online tool that reveals what specific filters you’ve developed and how those filters are affecting the results you’re achieving.

Your level of energy (consciousness/awareness) creates your world. By altering your perceptions of yourself, your work, and those around you, you can create a more powerful, fulfilling, and rewarding life. Your level of success in life can be raised with awareness, understanding, and knowledge of how to apply seven energy levels that are available to you.

Many people jump on the hamster wheel of life and just keep running, around and around.  Most of us are completely disengaged from our true purpose and joy. When you become more aware of how you are living energetically, you realize that you have so many choices available to you every minute of every day.  This shift in awareness can change your day and even your life. Are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel and take charge of your life?

After you take the assessment I will send your result to you and we can set up a time to discuss what this means for you.  The debrief process is approximately 60 minutes.

Confidence = Freedom to be ME!

Lack of confidence and belief in ourselves prevents us from doing and experiencing so much in life.

Confidence is about believing deep down inside that you really are enough, that you’re worth it and that you do matter.  Not in an arrogant, too big for your britches way, but in a calm, self-assured inner knowing kind of way.

When you find your inner confidence the world opens up to so many possibilities.

As we start to build your confidence muscle we can look at gaining clarity around your goals, dreams and desires.

I recommend starting with a minimum of six, 1 hour weekly sessions where we will explore what’s going on in your life right now and where do you want to be?  So let’s talk so that I can create an individualized package that will meet your current needs.

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