I offer a free 30 minute coaching consultation for all potential clients.  In this session you can experience the power of coaching for yourself and get any questions you have about coaching answered. At the end of this call if coaching feels like what you have been looking for to move forward and there is a connection between us we can schedule your next session.

My coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype.

Below are my basic packages, but I am happy to customize these to meet your needs.

Where's Your Energy??

Each of us views our life and the world around us through the filters that we have developed based on our experiences, personal values and beliefs and the assumptions we make.  These filters impact how we view every aspect of our life.   The Energy Leadership Index ™ (ELI) assessment is an online tool that reveals what specific filters you’ve developed and how those filters are affecting the results you’re achieving.

Many people jump on the hamster wheel of life and just keep running, around and around.  Most of us are completely disengaged from our true purpose and joy. When you become more aware of how you are living energy wise, you will realize that you have choices available to you every minute of every day.  This shift in awareness can change your day and even your life.

Jump off the hamster wheel and take charge of your life.  When you become more engaged in life and have awareness, judgment and stress lessens, and calm and joy fill the void.

After you take the ELI assessment we will review it so you understand what the results mean for you.  Then we will identify the next steps on your journey.

Who Am I and Where Am I Headed??

Have you ever wondered where you are going in life or maybe even how to get there?


Do you currently have thoughts of:

“I’m not good enough,”

“I’m not smart enough,”

“I don’t deserve to have    fill in the blank, ” spinning around in your head?

Are they holding you back from realizing and fulfilling your dreams?


During six, 1 hour weekly sessions, we will work together to:

Gain clarity around your goals and dreams;

Explore and uncover what has been holding you back from accomplishing what you truly desire;

Understand what is blocking you and why;

Develop a clear plan with achievable goals.

Ultimately the goal is for you to live a life of authenticity, joy and balance.

The Authentic You!!

We will start off with the Energy Leadership Index ™ assessment and review your results to gain clarity on where you are right now.   Then we will continue to uncover the authentic you with 12, one hour weekly sessions.


We will do some visioning exercises.

We will expose which blocks are preventing you from achieving what you desire.

You will learn to recognize the messages your inner critic (Gremlin) is sending you and how these negative thoughts are preventing you from being who you are meant to be.

We will explore any limiting beliefs, assumptions or interpretations you have about yourself or past events that are holding you back from being the authentic you.

We will do a values assessment so you can clearly identify what your values are and what happens when you are honoring them and what happens when you are not.


Once you have clarity on who you are and where you want to go, we will develop a plan to get you there.  The plan will be specific and realistic for you.  We will set up short and long-term goals with accountability and check-ins along the way.  And we will celebrate your successes!


Isn’t it time to share your passion, purpose and joy with the world?


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